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Dominique Somers – CEO – Owner SKM Fashion Store -.

“Thanks to Marilien’s Mentoring and her growth trajectory, I have learned to discover a new world of self-development and being master of your own thoughts that can take you far on the road to your dreams!

This course helped me grow in an authentic way and whetted my appetite for more! Marilien has an incredible power to understand her clients very well and, thanks to a personal approach, make people grow!

So I highly recommend Marilien for anyone who likes to make their dreams come true in an efficient and natural way.”

Ana-Lucia Seabra – Entrepreneur.

“The growth journey with Marilien has paid off for me far beyond what I invested in it. It has changed my life valuable & improved it forever. I would follow it again in a heartbeat.”

– Ana-Lucia

“Thanks to the growth process with Marilien, I have started to stand in my power and potential. I was able to expand my business. I did my best sales months in 20 years. I have permanently changed sabotaging habits. The impact and improvement of this mentoring has been great. I have also grown on a personal level and my relationships have improved. Thank you Marilien for your mentoring. I see life more positively and now believe I can achieve great things in my life. It has been a valuable and powerful investment in myself and in my long-term future that I am still reaping the benefits of daily. Thank you Marilien.”

Katie Lagast – European Artist in Contemporary Art

“Success is not a matter of luck. You force success and I now know how thanks to this growth path with Marilien. Had I known before that this existed, I would have followed this much earlier”

– Katie

“After the process with Marilien, I am in my power and dare to take the place I deserve. I have worked on my self-image, stand in my potential and feel confident. I have also learned to finish bowl with procrastination. I now stand as a strong successful woman and that radiates to everything. Before this course, I never would have dreamed to be like this in life. Those around me notice the change. The successes and accomplishments keep flowing to me. I am more aware and in control in life. I am very grateful for this improvement and wonderful gift to myself. Marilien you are a very good coach, thank you for all I have already learned thanks to you. I feel like a completely different woman than when I started. Marilien shows you step by step over 24 weeks how to make this change in yourself. A wonderful valuable gift to yourself that you can apply forever. Thank you Marilien, I apply Thinking Into Results in my life daily.” Katie

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What client Katie Lagast says about following a growth trajectory

Laetitia De Dycker – Sales and Marketing Director

“Marilien has the gift of giving you insights that permanently change your life.

Thanks to Marilien’s mentoring, I discovered a whole new world of self-development and learned how to become the director of your own thoughts, allowing dreams and goals to be realized in a powerful way.

What truly sets Marilien apart is her ability to deeply understand her clients and guide them to growth and success with a personalized approach. Her dedication to the success of her clients is admirable and inspiring.

Marilien, thank you so much for the impact you have had on my life and good luck in the future. Your guidance is a precious gift.

I highly recommend Marilien to anyone seeking growth, success and positive change in their life.”

Tom Torfs – CEO Novellas Healthcare

As a General Manager, it is not always easy to show your weaknesses. You have to stand strong. Marilien offered me a safe environment, in which I felt comfortable to open up and in which I dared to show my vulnerable side. Through scientific, but also very pragmatic tools, she was able to take away one of my biggest weaknesses. I can therefor highly recommend Marilien as a mentor and coach to all executive managers!

Charline Rousseau – Entrepreneur

Identifier ses pensées limitantes afin de les dépasser, changer ses propres paradigmes pour pouvoir devenir qui l’on est vraiment, passer à l’action pour atteindre ses objectifs, et dépasser ses craintes pour réaliser que tout est possible et réalisable dans la matière, tout ça semble tellement simple en théorie… Eh bien, avec l’accompagnement personnalisé de Marilien, c’est un saut quantique assuré qui est à portée de main, pour tous ! Bref, avec Marilien, c’est une guidance high level pour valoriser tout notre potentiel, gérer nos pensées et créer la vie que l’on désire ! Merci merci merci !

What client Ana Lucia Seabra says after following a growth journey

Thanks to the journey with Marilien, my self-confidence has grown in all areas. Through her mentoring, I felt my self-confidence growing and was able to overcome and release certain deep fears. I now have the confidence in myself to cope with life. I was able to better place and close a period of grief thanks to this course. I am in my power now. As icing on the cake, I was able to overcome my fear of boats and boating thanks to her techniques. Thank you so much Marilien for the impact you have made in improving my life.

– Luc Darquenne, Personal Banker

In my role as a business leader, there were some leadership skills I wanted to strengthen. Thus, I wanted to address certain habits such as making decisions faster, procrastination and micromanagement. Thanks to the process with Marilien, I work more efficiently and complete my most important tasks daily and have become more powerful as a leader and faster at making decisions. Thank you Marilien, it pays to invest in yourself and your personal development.

– Business manager, Food company in Belgium

Rudi started stepping out of his comfort zone during the process with Marilien and made several successful leaps (quantum leaps) in himself and his business toward his big goal. He enlarged his business and was able to train and hire 1 person. By changing his mindset and focus, he attracted more and more clients.
New orders continue to come in easily. Rudi regularly receives feedback from his clients that they enjoy working with them and they are very satisfied with their performance.
He has managed to elevate his attitude and service. He has become calmer and more confident. He successfully managed to turn his procrastination into more efficient work. He has learned to start taking that control himself and lives from the inside out. He knows what he wants and is chasing his goals with confidence because after the process with Marilien, he now knows how the process of chasing big goals works and how to maintain that focus. He remains in control of the situation and his thoughts.
Rudi says, “I didn’t dream of this before.” With his old mindset, this would not have been possible. A wonderful evolution that also radiates to his employee and his immediate environment who reap the benefits of this every day. And the growth and successes have continued to follow for Rudi.

Rudi Janssen, Entrepreneur and business manager

I ended up with Marilien by chance when she called me in her search for a good accountant. I was immediately triggered by what she had to offer so I quickly started a process with her. I wanted to get back into sports and live healthier.

The result was stunning and exceeded my expectations. I am back exercising, moving regularly and living healthier. I feel good in my skin and months later, the course I followed with Marilien is still having a powerful effect on my life and my habits. Thank you Marilien

Abdel, Accounting office manager

Arne has experienced beautiful powerful growth through the mentoring process with Marilien.
Arne says, “When we started, I was in a down period in my life. I have experienced an impactful transformation thanks to coaching with Marilien and it radiates to those around me.

He has been able to shift to being more positive in life, thinking more positively and controlling his thoughts more. Some key relationships were under strain; through working on mindset and self, these have improved and are now back to good. Thanks to mindset techniques and this step-by-step roadmap to success, he has become a better version of himself. He is self-confident, he stands and he is confident in himself and the future.

Professionally, he notices that he has become a better leader. He treats his staff differently and gains more respect. His attitude has undergone a complete shift from which he still reaps the benefits every day. Thank you Marilien, it worked.

Arne Nijs, business manager

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What others say about me

Marilien is a determined professional woman who works with respect, poise and kindness. Marilien is an example to many. She lives her life to the fullest with a sense of humanity and deep compassion for others. Her balanced, encouraging and win-win skills make it second nature for her to accompany others on their journey.

Marina Schelfhaut, Founder Develop Leaders and former board member along with Marilien

Marilien is a true leader because she always keeps in mind that she works with people. She makes space for her team employees by listening to them and making them feel worthy. She has a grateful attitude and regularly congratulates her team, thereby creating a unified and motivated team. It is so nice to work for someone as experienced and skilled as her. All leaders should take Marilien as an example and lead their team that way. Thank you Marilien!

– Aljosha Politi, former team member of Marilien

During my career, I have had the opportunity to work with many skilled experts. Marilien is one of them. During our close collaboration, I especially appreciated her human approach, respect and her many qualities. Pure joy to work with her! Marilien knows how to discover and guide our talents and encourages us where needed. It was a true pleasure to achieve these successes with her. Thank you Marilien for all these beautiful moments.

– Hervé Renard, General Manager PH 410

Marilien Poelmans – Mentor & Founder of the Mindset Shift Academy

Throughout my own development and setbacks, I have discovered that the most valuable and powerful investment, is the investment in yourself and your personal development. And good mentoring makes all the difference in your quality of life and results gold.

Learning to come into control of you, your results and your thinking whatever happens in your life.

Learning to stand in your full power and potential and to leave obstructive conditioning permanently behind you toward your goal is an investment for life.

The quality of your life will permanently improve in all areas. Your environment and yourself will reap lifelong benefits from this. My eyes opened when I understood that you can only go as far as your current self-image allows. Your past programming by your parents and your environment keep you where you are 95% of the time. Once you know how to transform this and are taught the tools to deal with it, everything changes for the better in your life.

Imagine the things that bother you, hinder you, sabotage you in yourself, that you can start to turn them around and learn to shift permanently.

Imagine what an impact this would have in your life, personally, professionally. How your results, how you are in life, in short, how this would improve the quality of your life.

Well this is possible, and I can show you how. That’s a guarantee.